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We take pride in helping businesses achieve their goals through effective Pinterest marketing strategies. Our team has worked with a diverse range of clients across different industries, and we have consistently delivered measurable results that have exceeded their expectations. If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you unlock the full potential of Pinterest for your business, look no further than Pinclever.

Case Studies

Fashion & Jewelry E-commerce Brand

From ROAS 0.52 to ROAS 5.02 In 90 days

This client had been running Pinterest ads for a year before they came to us. They were desperate to improve the performance of their Pinterest ads (ROAS > 2.8) and scale.

We could take advantage of their past data and set up a full funnel strategy targeting the right audiences.

Achieved $100k in 90 days

​From a 0.52x to a 5.02x ROAS

CASE STUDIE1_edited.jpg

From $15k/m to $99k/m In 90 days

The brand aimed to boost its Pinterest ads with a target ROAS of over 5.
Lacking a full-funnel strategy, they missed capitalizing on their existing audience and were not using appealing creatives. Without a proper audience test, targeting was ineffective. 
After implementing a full-funnel strategy, and refining audience and creatives, they achieved profitability and successfully started scaling their Pinterest advertising.

6x Monthly Revenue Growth

​​From a 1.82x to a 7.86x ROAS

CASE STUDIES 2_edited_edited.jpg
CASE STUDIES 2_edited_edited.jpg

Health & Wellness E-commerce Brand

Home Decor E-commerce Brand

From $0/m to $79k/m In 60 days

The brand aimed to diversify its marketing by launching Pinterest ads, seeking exposure to varied audiences for brand scaling. 
Through extensive audience and creative research to identify the most suitable approach for their product, we implemented a full-funnel strategy with a focus on Top of Funnel (TOF). 
Following campaign optimization and thorough creative testing, we achieved profitability within 60 days, enabling the successful scaling efforts.

$0 -> $79k/m In 60 days

​​​From a 0x to a 11.16x ROAS

CASE STUDIES 3_edited_edited.jpg
CASE STUDIES 3_edited_edited.jpg
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